Rollercoaster of Emotions / Young Me

by Real Movement

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Written and performed by Kevin Kauffman
Mixed and produced by Luke Greskowiak
Cover photos belong to Kevin Kauffman

Hey y'all. So I found my journal from the first couple years of high school and it became thoroughly entertaining to both me and my friends. The posts were wrought with emotion and anguish. I was always pissed at my Dad, or a gym teacher, or a crush. Sometimes I was on a high from some wonderful revelation, like when I decided that I would never drink again (I made this statement many, many times in the journal). I wanted to write a song that would capture the severe ups and downs of my emotional experience in high school. The title of the first song comes specifically from my 8th grade trip to France. I had a crush on some of my fellow tourists from another middle school, and I was overwhelmed by the beauty of Europe, and I said to my friend, Andy, "This trip has really been a rollercoaster of emotions" to which he replied, "Uhh... no it hasn't!" And then I immediately tried to pretend that the very serious words I said were not meant to be serious.

So here you have two songs that were inspired by looking at younger versions of myself. Here's to wearing your heart on your sleeve!

Please go ahead and download these songs for free. I love sharing them and I hope they are as amusing to you as my diary entries were to me and my friends.

- Kev


released April 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Real Movement Chicago, Illinois

My name is Kevin and I wrote and played all of these songs. Check out my Facebook page if you want to find out when I'm playing music next.

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