kid evventually VEILS innto nothing

by Real Movement

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In early 2014, my friend Annie Baldwin gave me a personalized copy of her zine, The Truth in Bright Lights. I felt honored to receive this very honest piece of art and I wanted to give something in return. I wanted to give her a mixtape of songs before she left to live on an organic farm in Oregon for the summer. So I looked at a bunch of different songs that I recorded at spontaneous moments and added some little finishing touches and decided to go for it. Normally, I slave over every little part of every song and then they never get released. This project was about putting together things without any coherent concept or theme. Just a mixtape of songs from the first 6 months of 2014*.

- Kev

* "Does The Road Ahead Ever End?" was actually recorded in 2005 when I was 14 years old. I had a Bugs Bunny Tape Player/Recorder. I put the microphone up to my guitar amp, which had a messed up cord. I was also using a Boss Phase Shifter pedal. I always wanted to share that weird, old tape recording, so here it is.


released August 2, 2014



all rights reserved


Real Movement Chicago, Illinois

My name is Kevin and I wrote and played all of these songs. Check out my Facebook page if you want to find out when I'm playing music next.

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Track Name: Grocery Store
Another day in the studio apartment in Lincoln Square
I need to go to the grocery store I need to buy some things there
My brother and his girlfriend they need to go too
They said let's get go together Yeah let's do that
They had twenty things on their list I had three on mine
But in the end we both got to the checkout at the same time
I cannot decide what I want to bring into my life
Came here for juice and now I'm looking at a butcher's knife
I some times think I'll buy just what I please
so I can picture my life far from this 12-month lease
But then I won't buy bacon because of cholesterol
I won't buy bread or eggs or peas I won't buy nothing at all

One stop at the grocery store
My mind has anxiety and then I'm out the door
Turning simple into complex forevermore
At the grocery store

I see a married couple strolling down the household aisle
It makes me smile
While my partner and I are talking
About dish detergent and which has the most bubbles
For the best price then we'll shop for rice and cuddle
and then my mind says slow down which aisle should we go down
my nervous indecisive heart, I almost hit this lady's cart
I don't know why I talk to myself
so much that I can't even touch anything on the shelf
and I don't know how I'm supposed to feel
Cannot concentrate on what is really real